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We are a online shop where the guitars are from Chinese guitar direct sale,and include guitar retail,guitar wholesale,and all kinds of custom service. We skip many dealers links,so we can sell the guitar with the lower price and we are now directly face to face the customers.As we all know,the reputation of Chinese guitar is not good,even some people say they are craps, but some factories of gibson,fender,and takamine are in China and many hand mand workers are Chinese. But these guitars are not influenced as they are in China. (Please do not forget that iphone and ipad are made in China.) How do explain that ? This because of vicious price competition leads to the case. One guitar has its cost,such as wood, all kinds of raw materials, hardwares, paint and labor costs,if the customers blindly lower the price and only notice the product price,maybe,they will can not get a high quality guitar.Our factory first start to cooperate with the international OEM in 1990 and for many years we have accumulated much experience of processing techniques and in 2005,we have the cooperation with Japan kubayashi company and since then we have acquired many Japanese luthiers responsible for monitoring and our products have better assurance.
Compared with other OEM,we have an obvious advantage,that is designing and molding business, we will first make mold before each guitar start to be built. After long studying,we will begin the follow-up process. As usual,a factory can not accept one guitar made(also called custom guitar ),but we do that.We have many best 3D designers and they can make a drawing quickly after the customer briefly describe the guitar. Then,we make the professional drawing out to hand over to the processing apartment. And we also invite many 50-year-old people to help us to finish the painting job. The delivery time is in time and thus we can retain the customer.
We are looking forward to cooperation with you.

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1, Once you make an order in our site, we will send an email to check with you.
2, we will dispatch the items to you within 2 days, and always 5-8 business days to reach you.
3, Once you have any problem about the order or items, you can contact us via email, live help or phone, we will Slove the problem as soon as possible.
5 years Guitar sale experience
Our company has been focused on the guitar business for many years,Try us and discover how we can help you.
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